Posted On: August 19, 2016

Benefits of Taking Your Pet to a Dog Park

You love your dog. He's like a member of your family. But there are many places that you can't take your four-legged companion. He's often left cooped up at home. Dog parks offer you a designated place that you can go with your dog, and there are many benefits of taking him.

Doggy Socializing

Often, when dogs are brought into a closed environment, they become fearful of anything outside, including other dogs. Taking your dog to a dog park allows him to meet other dogs, as well as other humans, allowing him to learn to interact with others and lessening his fear response. You can even arrange future play dates with your dog’s new friends!

Physical and Mental Stimulation

When left cooped up, especially in small areas, dogs have a tendency to become bored. Bored dogs are often destructive dogs. You may come home to find pillows, cushions or carpets chewed up. Your dog may also bark and howl, which can be disturbing to your neighbors.

Dog parks offer a large open space for your dog to run freely. It is a safe environment, free of cars, bicyclists and other things that may be harmful to your pup. You can bring some of his favorite toys to play with him. At the end of a good romp in the park, you get to go home with a tired but satisfied dog, and your home is as you left it.

Human Benefits

Dog parks don't just benefit dogs, they also benefit their humans. Taking your dog to the park gets you out into the sunshine and fresh air. It encourages you to interact with him, giving you a chance to get some exercise as well. It also gives you an opportunity to meet other dog owners and socialize. Not only does your dog get to make new friends, but so do you!

Keeping your dog at home, indoors, all day makes both you and your dog sad. Dog parks offer a great way for the two of you to get out, make new friends and get some exercise, all in a safe, enclosed environment.



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